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Some tips and advice to help you complete your quote as accurately as possible.

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The quote is an important step. It shapes your project in space, time, and financially.

On average, three months need to be allowed between quoting and completion of the project to create the plan, apply for the permit, custom construction and finishing. It is therefore a medium-term project.


For most people, dimension is a difficult element to figure out.

Here is a tip: Rather than measuring the space available outside your home, measure a few rooms and try to imagine the room size that would suit you for your project.

To give you an order of magnitude, most of the solariums we build have dimensions ranging from 12 feet x 12 feet to 10 feet x 20 feet.

Take the time to visualize some of our achievements and note their size. This will give you an idea of the space that might be suitable for you.

Type of sunroom

3 seasons
  • It will allow you to extend your summer (April-October) protected from bad weather.
  • It will allow you to extend your summer evenings that are a little cooler.
3 seasons +
  • Built from Energy Star thermo-glass windows, this solarium can be heated, allowing you to use it almost all year round.
  • The construction of a 3 seasons + solarium is attached to the outside wall of your house.
4 seasons
  • The 4 seasons insulated solarium becomes an extra room to your home.
  • The 4 seasons allows a full or partial opening to this new room.
  • You will use it all year long.


A quote by phone, email or at our showroom is free. If you want a member of our team to come to your home for a first meeting, fees of $ 50 applies. The fees are refundable upon signature if you decide to go ahead with us.

For a first meeting at our showroom, it is not necessary to take an appointment for a quote.

Then, there will be a second meeting at your home(free of charge). This will allow us to accurately assess the cost of the work. If you wish, we will invite you to visit together one or more solariums that we have built to give you an idea of the dimensions. Also, if you desire, it will allow you to meet the owners and ask them questions.



    *Do you want a solarium ...

    3 seasons (begin at 25 000$ for a 12'x12', 38 000$ for a turnkey project)4 seasons (begin at 37 000$ for a 12'x12', 58 000$ for a turnkey project)Do not know

    *Indicate the dimensions width X depth (feet or meters)





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    *Approximate budget scale

    It is important for us to know your approximate budget to realize your dream

    0 - 10 000$10 000$ - 30 000$30 000$ - 50 000$50 000$ - 75 000$75 000$ et plus

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