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Use your new space from the first warm rays of spring until autumn leaves fall.

Our 3 seasons solarium models will suit you perfectly.

– Economic at purchase and installation
– Turnkey service
– Each solarium is personalized to integrate perfectly with the interior design of your home.
– High quality solariums that use the latest technologies.

Our products

3 seasons sunroom

Screen windows

2 seasons

Add a screen room to your home

  • Sheltered from mosquitoes

Vinyl windows

3 seasons

Window allowing 75% opening

  • Sheltered from mosquitoes
  • Sheltered from wind
  • Sheltered from rain

Single glass windows

3 seasons

Window allowing 50% opening

  • Sheltered from mosquitoes
  • Sheltered from wind
  • Sheltered from rain

Double glass windows

3 seasons plus

Our isolated sunroom

  • Extend the seasons
  • Sheltered from mosquitoes
  • Sheltered from wind
  • Sheltered from rain

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Sheltered from wind, rain … and mosquitoes!

Finally, you can relax or entertain friends without the need for mosquito repellents.

From your screen room, it will be very easy to upgrade to a 3 seasons solarium. The screen rooms are installed from an existing roof or not.

  • Customized screens
  • Several options for screens are offered
  • Transoms in screens
  • Complete screen – including kneewall
  • Built-in ramps
  • Screen doors available: 5, 6, 7, or 8 feet

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This system allows an opening so big that you will feel like being outside! It’s as if almost all windows disappear to give way to nature.

Indeed, this window system opens from top to bottom, from bottom to top, from right to left or from left to right, allowing ventilation according to your needs. Turn your outdoor room into a solarium!

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  • Windows can open up to 75% from top to bottom
  • Windows adjustable by sections
  • No support needed to support the snow on the roof in winter
  • Windows made in Canada
  • Available tints: clear, light grey smoked, dark grey smoked, bronze

Available colors






Our vinyl window model is available in a variety of module sizes and colours, custom-made, and fits an existing structure.

You can purchase this window system to fit your existing space, because our Weather Master system is custom-built. This is an economical way to get a place built with windows, because they are made from flexible vinyl. They are light, and you can remove them quickly for maintenance … no need for a stepladder or going outside.

How much does a 3 season solarium cost?


A room that you can enjoy from April to October

Our single glass model is a solid construction made from two-inch insulated and extruded aluminum pillars. It is a structure that will require no maintenance. The windows are composed of enameled glass and the wall is composed of completely insulated two-inch panels.

  • Window opening up to 50%
  • Sliding windows in both directions
  • Tempered glass kneewall option
  • Tinted glass options
  • No support required in winter
  • Several types of roof available

Available colors






Our model advantage is as follows: You decide on the design … we execute the custom work.

You can integrate it into an existing part of your house or mount it independently to make it a gazebo.

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Our double glass model is a 3 seasons + solarium. We call it 3 seasons + because it uses the structure of our single glass model, but it is insulated so that it can be used all year round.

ou will live in this new room of the house like all the other rooms, while enjoying the sun and the changes of seasons. Nature will always become accessible while keeping you warm.

  • 3” insulated aluminum pillars with thermal break
  • Very solid and durable
  • Double glass window, thermo with Low E and Argon gas
  • Thermal break that will reduce condensation and heat loss
  • 6” isolated roof ( R24 )
  • Window opening up to 50%
  • Fibreglass screens, possibility to remove them for the winter

Available colors:




All roofs are designed to resist to the climatic conditions of Quebec. Each roof has an aluminum gutter system integrated into the fascia.


Our acrylic roofs are made to measure. They can therefore adapt to all shapes and sizes of solariums.

  • Block 100% of ultraviolet rays
  • Resist hail and wind
  • Very rigid and durable
  • Support the weight of the snow
  • Do not make condensation
  • It will not yellow with time
  • Guaranteed 20 years
  • Integrated gutters

Available colors:


Our 4” and 6” insulated roof system is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

The thickness of the roof varies according to the evaluation we make in relation to the degree of the slope, the snow load to bear and the necessary insulation factor.

  • 4” or 6” isolated roof
  • 48” wide panel
  • Integrated cross beam for fixing fans and lights
  • Optional wood finish
  • Aluminum or shingle roof in option
  • Guaranteed 20 years
  • Integrated gutters


The hybrid roof is an alternation between aluminum and acrylic panels offering the advantage of each. Indeed, the acrylic allows a beautiful luminosity to enter the room while also bringing shade.
  • Block 100% of ultraviolet rays
  • Resist hail and wind
  • Very rigid and durable
  • Guaranteed 20 years

Our achievements

Enjoy the outdoors longer with our 3 season sunrooms

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Commercial and expansion sunroom

Would you like to add a 3 seasons solarium to your store, restaurant or building? We also carry out We also carry out commercial projects!


  • Added value for your customers
  • Enlargement of the surface
  • Financial gain
  • Bright room


  • Restaurant
  • Event hall
  • Sports hall
  • Dental or medical clinic
  • Commercial building or office

In 2018, The Montréal Impact chose us to build the 2016 square feet BMO Pavilion. This pavilion is for soccer fans wanting a VIP experience during a game.

Solarium Espace de viE
an ideal choice for your project

A competent team

Our teams install solariums, but our employees are more than just installers, they are construction workers with their skill cards.

RBQ General Contractor License: RBQ5626-9319-01

More than 10 years of experience in the construction of solariums.

Solid guarantees

All our solariums come with a guarantee of 10 to 20 years depending on the chosen products.


  • Structure: Lifetime warranty, transferable
  • Glass window: 15 years
  • Vinyl window: 10 years
  • Roof: 20 years

Turnkey project

As turnkey contractors, we pay close attention to every detail of your project.

  • Plan by a technologue
  • Permit
  • Planning and design
  • Construction of the solarium
  • Electricity
  • Floor covering
  • Skirt and gallery

Comparative table between the different models

Screen Vinyl Single glass Double glass
2″ aluminium structure
3″ insulated aluminum structure with thermal break
75% opening
50% opening
Sliding left and right
Sliding top to bottom
4” isolation
6” isolation