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If you have considered moving, if the market seems unfavorable or if you want to improve your home, a 4-season solarium is a great way to increase your living space at a reasonable cost.Solarium Espace de vie offers the best quality products in its industry.

  • Turnkey project
  • Designed to be heated
  • Financial gain on resale
  • More than 10 years of experience


If you are tired of looking at walls in your home, a 4 seasons solarium is the solution!

You can now enjoy natural light from the outside in the comfort of your home. Beautiful, durable and low maintenance, our 4-season solarium will create a living space like you’ve never experienced before.

Upon installation, your solarium will become YOUR PREFERRED ROOM in your home!

How much does a 4-season solarium cost?



Each solarium incorporates high-performance technology thanks to pultruded polyurethane, reinforced with triple-layer fiberglass, making them the strongest structural components in the industry.

Our patented interlocking joint system is made of a fibreglass structure reinforced with Amilon composite (structural plastic with nylon).

  • A cleaner finish with no visible screws
  • Thermal insulation superior to aluminum
  • No condensation or corrosion is possible


All roofs are designed to resist to the climatic conditions of Quebec.


Solarium Living Space offers two types of roof: 1 slope, or cathedral.

They are available as 10-inch R42 panels that can support the minimum snow loads defined by building standards and offer one of the most energy-efficient insulation on the market.

Several types of finishes are available for the interior of the ceiling (vinyl, gypsum, wood slats), in order to perfectly integrate the solarium into the style of the house.

  • Resists the most severe thunderstorms and heavy snow loads
  • Several types of roofs available
  • Insulation R32 – 10 inches
  • Ceiling finish: vinyl, gypsum, wood slats and more
  • Roof finishing: asphalt shingles or sheet metal to perfectly match the roof of your house.

Insulated floor
urethane insulation

Signed by an engineer’s seal, the floors of the Living Space solariums are built on screw-in screws fixed below the frost level, which avoids expensive foundation work. Insulating from below with 5 1/2 inches of glided urethane will protect it from cold and moisture thanks to the air and vapour barrier properties of this high-performance insulation.

In addition, the nest of the structure can accommodate all flooring, such as wood, ceramics and vinyl.

For extra comfort, the option of an electric floor heating system is available.

High-performance windows

LowE3 glass with spectral selectivity allows light to penetrate while reflecting harmful ULTRAVIOLET rays, avoiding discoloration of furniture.

The LowE3 glass used for all the windows of our 4-season solariums. Offering insulating properties 5 times higher than the standard glass used in other solariums; the most efficient in the industry. It has 12 layers of protection and minimizes heat loss.

Several types of windows available

  • Sliding both sides
  • Hand crank
  • Casement windows
  • Tilt and turn
  • Fix

Option: self-cleaning glass

This glass uses the power of the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so that it rinses easily with water, leaving the windows spotless.

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Commercial and expansion sunroom

Would you like to add a 3 seasons solarium to your store, restaurant or building? We also carry out We also carry out commercial projects!


  • Added value for your customers
  • Enlargement of the surface
  • Financial gain
  • Bright room


  • Restaurant
  • Event hall
  • Sports hall
  • Dental or medical clinic
  • Commercial building or office

In 2018, The Montréal Impact chose us to build the 2016 square feet BMO Pavilion. This pavilion is for soccer fans wanting a VIP experience during a game.

Solarium Espace de viE
an ideal choice for your project


Solarium Espace de vie truly offers you a turnkey product. You just have to choose the model and style of solarium that suits you, and we take care of the rest.

Our experts will accompany you throughout your project and will advise you wisely and answer all your questions.

The best guarantee

We offer the best warranty in the industry, and excellent value for money. The quality of our structures is above average.

  • Structure: 20 years
  • Insulated roof: 20 years
  • Double glass windows, thermos, LowE, Argon: 20 years
  • Insulated floor: 20 years

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Sustainable products

Most solariums available on the market look good and have no problem … at least in the beginning. However, five or ten years after their construction, most of them have leaks, openings, rust, mold or broken parts. Solarium Living Space offers you both durable products and a superior warranty to its competitors.

Tailor-made products

Each 4 seasons veranda is custom-built by computer. There is no serial model, no panels in stock or pre-cut. Parts are therefore precisely manufactured in a controlled environment using computer-assisted saws.

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