Steps for a new project

Where to start?

At your measuring tapes!

In a new project, most people begin by measuring the space available outside the home. That’s fine, but another way to determine the size of the solarium you want is to go around your house in search of a room that could be the size of the solarium you want. For example, would a 12 feet by 12 feet room be big enough if it were all glass? If not, would the size of your living room be suitable? You can then check if the outdoor space will be suitable.

3 or 4 seasons?

Here is a way to help you understand the difference between a 3 or 4 seasons solarium. The 3 seasons solarium will allow you to extend your summer (April—October). This is a room that is built outside your home. Generally, you will access your solarium by your patio door.

The 4 seasons solarium is an integral part of your home. There is not necessarily a door to access it. This is an extra room in your home that you will use throughout the year.

Contact-us to fully understand the options available to you regarding access

3 seasons sunrooms.
Notice the exterior wall of the house. It is accessed through the patio door
The solarium is an integral part of the house.
It’s a new room. The glass is insulated.

Get a free quote

Go to our quote page and fill out the form to start your new project. This will allow us to quickly give you a range for the construction costs. This is not binding, and it is a good way to get an idea of the cost of the project.

People who take the time to send us a photo or who will contact us by phone will be treated first.

Take pictures

Take pictures of where you want the solarium built. Take pictures of all angles, and take some inside too, then come meet us with these pictures and your quote or send them to us at: We can then specify the costs according to the type of windows or roof.