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4 seasons solarium

Our 4 seasons TRANSITION solarium model is the preferred choice of our customers. It is affordable, and its quality of construction is optimum.

It is an excellent value for money.

Upon installation, your solarium will become YOUR PREFERRED ROOM in your home!

Most solariums available on the market look good and have no problem … at least in the beginning. However, five or ten years after their construction, most of them have leaks, openings, rust, mould or breakage.

Our TRANSITION model will add value to your home as soon as it’s installed and will retain that value twenty years later. For most people, a home is the biggest investment of their lives. So protect this investment by using the best solarium on the market!

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blankEspace de Vie solariums use the strongest aluminum in the industry – a hardened, ribbed aluminum alloy used in aircraft manufacturing. Our Hurricane type double-cavity load-bearing roofs will easily withstand the heaviest storms and heavy snow loads. In addition, their loading is greater than standard solariums, allowing the installation of larger doors and windows. While the stability of the construction of most solariums depends on the windows, the walls of the Espace de Vie solariums are completely stable, allowing you to easily change the arrangement of the doors and windows or to add more options. This increased strength also allows window surface 20% higher than other solarium systems.


Other manufacturers use painted aluminum that scratches, allows the formation of condensation and shrinks and expands with temperature, causing openings that let in water and heat. All aluminum structural parts of our TRANSITION model are covered with virgin PVC (non-recycled), treated with titanium dioxide (which protects the PVC from damage caused by UV rays). The effects of thermal expansion and contraction are thus absorbed, avoiding unsightly cracks that can cause problems. Our PVC coating is 700 times more thermally efficient than thermally improved aluminum and protects the structural alloy from the elements. It will not yellow or crack and it is the same colour throughout its thickness. Thus, since it is not covered with a surface colour, scratches will not appear.


Our patented interlocking joint system is made of fibreglass structures reinforced with Amilon composite (structural plastic with nylon). This advanced material creates strong joints that reduce thermal expansion and contraction. They allow

precise adjustment and provide superior strength and stability to standard screwed connections. This precise interlocking means that joints are not forced during installation. In addition, it eliminates the exposure of screws, bolt heads and cleats, ensuring a cleaner finish.


blankEspace de Vie offers you the most energy-efficient solarium systems on the market: a roof, a floor and windows. This system uses only green building technology that offers exceptional energy efficiency, structural integrity and a pleasant year-round environment.



Our TRANSITION solariums use the industry’s most efficient insulating glazing systems. Their insulating properties are more than 5 times superior to the glazing used for standard solariums. Our Low E2 and E3 energy efficient glass are coated with a special coating that lets in heat in the winter and reflects solar energy in summer, while reducing the damage caused by UV rays (discolouration of furniture).

Our insulation system uses advanced silicone foam and not metal to separate double glass panels, reducing heat transfer and potential breakage. All windows are ENERGY STAR and NFRC certified, meeting or exceeding the most stringent energy standards.



All walls and windows of our TRANSITION model are made to order. Also, there is no stock of pre-cut panels, panels or opaque filler panels for filling voids. This increases the size of the glazing by 20% compared to the windows in stock and offers unlimited design possibilities. All the windows in your room are custom-made, as are the structural pieces that separate them. The total width of your solarium offers a symmetrical and pleasant look, and the view is unobstructed.




Our roofs are perfectly insulated with high density panels and covered with aluminum. They are then covered with asphalt shingles or sheet metal to perfectly match the roof of your home. Several finishes are available for the ceiling of the solarium: aluminum, vinyl, gypsum and joints or wooden slats.

Integrated cross beams will allow ceiling fans, lighting or plants to be attached.


Ce matériau reflète en grande partie le rayonnement du soleil, vous protège de l’éblouissement des rayons directs et masque l’accumulation de feuilles et de débris qui pourraient s’accumuler sur le toit. Son aspect translucide laisse passer une lumière diffuse.

Des couches de réservoirs d’air assurent une isolation tout en procurant au toit de votre solarium une durabilité exceptionnelle. Dans les faits, ce matériau est 200 fois plus résistant que le verre. Si vous avez de grands arbres qui laissent tomber leurs feuilles à l’automne, vous apprécierez ce type de toit.



Vous désirez obtenir le sentiment de communion totale avec l’extérieur ? Vous voulez voir le ciel bleu ou le ciel étoilé ?

Grâce à la nouvelle technologie de verre autonettoyant NEAT réduisant à presque nulle l’entretien de toutes les parois de verre, de plus en plus de personnes se tournent vers ce choix.




R32 insulated floors consist of 8-inch insulating foam between two 0.5-inch oriented compressed wood shavings panels (“aspenite”), providing 25% greater insulation than conventional construction floors. Screwed posts for solariums are installed to support the floor.

This type of floor avoids expensive foundation work.

In addition, the surface finish can accommodate almost any type of flooring, including vinyl, wood, heated floor and tiles.

Solarium Energy Star


All our 4 seasons solariums meet the Energy Star standard and Quebec building management standards. Indeed, our 4 seasons solariums meet the following standards:

  • Insulation of floor boards: R32
  • Wall insulation: R26
  • Roof insulation: R32 to R42
  • Double glass Energy Star windows, thermos, low E Argon
What exactly does the Energy Star standard mean?

Look for this symbol to be assured that the product you are buying meets the highest standards in the industry. Solariums Espace de Vie has the right to use this logo, because its products correspond to the governmental standard.

ENERGY STAR is the brand of energy-efficient products in Canada. It ensures that the product meets the best energy efficiency.

For a 4 seasons solarium, it is not a factor to neglect, because it ensures you maximum energy saving during the winter months and this, for many years.

ENERGY STAR qualified products are being tested by the Canadian government. These products rank among the 15 to 30% of the most energy-efficient products in their category.

All parts of our 4 seasons solariums meet the standards requested by the RBQ:

  • insulation floor boards: R32
  • wall insulation: R26
  • roof insulation: R32 to R42